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Did you flip the switch on your garburator and hear a humming noise, but no action?  Do you have a stinky sink drain that just will not go away?  These are all signs that your garburator is having issues.  When this modern convenience stops working, it becomes a modern headache!  When you realize that your disposal is not working, the typical question that comes up is, “Who do I call for help?”  The answer to that is simple:  Garburator Man.

Garburator Man is your trusted authority when it comes to fixing problems with your garbage disposal.  Our fully licensed, and highly trained technicians are the experts you need when your garburator is broken.  We provide all levels of service for your garbage disposal.  This includes our proven method of diagnosis, to find out exactly what is broken, and what can be done to fix the situation.

If your unit simply needs a part replaced, Garburator Man can replace those parts quickly, and get you up and running again.  However, if your unit has “bit the dust,” we are the professionals that can fully remove your broken unit and install a brand-new disposal.

When you contact Garburator Man, we will show up on time, when it is convenient for you, to help you with your needs.  Contact us today so we can get your kitchen sink back on track.

Service Areas:

When you choose Garburator Man for your repair needs, you are choosing a company with a large service area. We provide commercial and residential disposal repair services to many locations in Vancouver and the surrounding area. Those areas include:

  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • North Vancouver
  • Langley
  • Port Moody
  • Vancouver
  • West Vancouver
  • New Westminster
  • Surrey
  • Richmond
  • Delta
  • Maple Ridge
  • Port Coquitlam

Our success in fixing and replacing garburators has made it possible to provide service to such a wide area. If you live inside our service area and are having problems with your garbage disposal, we are here to help. We are your local choice for all garburator repairs and service.

Why Choose Us?

When your garbage disposal breaks down, this is not the time to turn this into a “Home Depot” type of project. This is exactly why you need proven professionals that can fix the problem right the first time. Garburator Man has been doing exactly that for many years throughout the Metro Vancouver, BC area. Our team of fully licensed professionals know exactly how these machines are supposed to work.

As such, you will receive and honest assessment regarding your situation, and a clear course of action to fix the problem. Also, we provide service that fits your schedule. No waiting around all day for a technician to show up. You set the time and place, we show up and fix your garburator. We work with only the top brands in the business, like Insinkerator and Wasteking to name a few. Quality parts, installation, and service are why Garburator Man is the clear choice to fix your disposal problems.

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Having problems with your disposal, but not sure what the issue is? Call us today, and set up an appointment. The call is free, and so is the estimate. Our trained professionals will give you a professional estimate of what is wrong, and what needs to be done to fix it, risk-free.